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if you are looking for a movie or a serie and you want to watch it for free you are in the right place, is the biggest platform for movies and Tv shows, you can find anything you are looking for from 90 Tv shows to the latest marvel movie. unfortunatly most of the times you don't find your childhood favorite tv-show in netflix, Hulu or amz prime rest assured because you will find it in and the best thing is that you can watch it for free, no downloads no engagement. Our website is a free online movie streaming service that lets you watch and download famous and recent films. It has a large library with thousands of films and television shows from various genres. There are no account registration, login, or membership fees with 123movies. we offer a wide range of content, including movies, TV shows, cartoons, and more. Do you want to have a movie marathon? You have access to over 500,000 multimedia content references. Furthermore, this is a fascinating site that provides the most recent programs only a few hours after they are broadcast. So you'll still be up to date on the most popular films! And you should make the most of your free time!

Is 123moviesz Free?

123mooviesz is completly free we will never ask you to add your credit card or pay for the service but you may come accross some ads in our website which help us sustain the cost of our servers. To help us keep 123moviesz free don't hestitate to share our website with your friends and familly, this way you will help them watch there favorite movie and we will keep our website alive. But wait, there's more! Because once the movie begins, you can watch it uninterrupted from beginning to end. No more commercial breaks that cause us to lose track of the plot! Furthermore, the movies have excellent sound and image quality! As a result, you can watch a decent movie on your sofa or in bed.

How to use

It's very simple let say you want to watch the justice league movie, you can simply go to the homepage "" and write justice league in the search bar or click home and search for it in the collection of thousands movies we have. In the very rare case where you are looking for a movie that is not in our database don't hesitate to request it from us, we will upload it as soon as possible. 123moviesz has the largest library of original films, with over 42450 titles and another 10,000 on the way this year. Whatever genre you prefer, we have something for you. You can almost always count on a regular rotation of exciting new films when you visit us.

Is 123Movies Shut Down?

123movies is not shut down we renamed it and improved it to make your experience better and unlimited, so you can enjoy it fully. make sure to put in your favorites and make sure to not lose it because this website is going to make your life a lot easier and more fun. Our goal is to make you save money while you enjoy the latest entertainment with your friends and family.

What is the New 123moviesz Domain?

the new 123moviesz domain is we took 123movies and made it 100 times better, the database of movies is 10X bigger and the speed of the website is also higher,our website is the new reference of all streaming. It's a website that allows users to watch movies not only at home, but also anywhere they want! Of course, provided we have a stable internet connection! We will watch movies from the past as well as those that are currently showing in theaters. Because many of us can only go to the movies on special occasions or with a coupon, and the theater itself does not provide the same level of comfort.

The Final Word

Are you ready to watch all of the new releases, as well as your favorite films? When you watch a movie at home, share our movies with your loved ones and create memorable memories! Our free streaming service scales to fit all of your gadgets. That means you can watch movies on your smartphone, tablet, or computer through streaming. However, you can also use an HDMI cable to connect to your computer. You can also watch all of the videos in high definition. Isn't it fantastic? Because we all have different tastes and preferences, the best movie streaming service would be a little different for each audience. After speaking with some streaming and film experts, we discovered that the most important factors are high-quality content, ease-of-use, and value. We looked at the ratings for over 900 films across each service to ensure that they were of high quality and that critics and audiences have given positive feedback.